8 Week Program: Make Nutrition Easy

“After this program, I can’t imagine ever dieting, counting calories, or avoiding chocolate again!”

About the Program

This program is 8 weeks long. Included in this program are two individual sessions to use as weekly follow ups after the program ends. These individual sessions allow you time to work on anything you feel may need more attention or clarification. My goal for you is to finish a total of 10 weeks feeling confident in your food-making decisions, trust that your body knows how much it needs, learn to listen to your hunger and fullness, and never want to diet again!

On your own you will read specific chapters of the book Intuitive Eating while completing a workbook at home. During the sessions, we will discuss your thoughts and answers to the questions in the workbook. We will learn from each other what can help you be more successful and what can be harmful. We will also discuss nutritional science in relation to concepts surrounding diet culture, weight loss, and stereotypes around certain foods/food groups.

An ideal group member is someone who is at a point where they are willing to give up dieting and try something new. Someone who is non-judgmental of others but plans to actively contribute in helpful ways. Lastly, this program is not meant for those recovering from an eating disorder unless your dietitian and therapist believe you are in a place to fully accept the concept of Intuitive Eating.

The book and workbook are included. This program is for adults ages 21 and older.

Summary: What You Will Get From Being In This Program…

  • 8 Weekly Sessions Discussing

  • 2 Individual Sessions

  • Access to the Intuitive Eating Facebook Page

  • Monthly Coffee or Lunch Outings to Practice Being Mindful

  • Materials Included

  • 2 Pricing Options Available

Group Only: $35/Session! $280 Total

Group + 2 Individual Sessions: $430 Total (Save $75!!)