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Bamboo Nutrition is thrilled to offer this 8-week study developed by Sadie Robertson and Alyssa Bethke. As a group member, you'll be given practical steps to find healing and freedom with body image, lies about food, and eating disorders. In addition, you'll grow in Christ's likeness, truth, and freedom, discovering what it truly means to be beautiful.

Each week will include a video with a hope-filled message. It will feel like a heart-to-heart chat with Sadie and Alyssa as they take you on an active journey through scripture, bringing to light what God says about our bodies and minds. You. Are. Enough. You’ll be given the space to be honest about the way you see yourself so that you can begin looking in the mirror through God’s eyes and love the woman starring back at you.

One of the keys to help overcome disordered eating is fostering a positive body image. Finding Freedom will lead you to know that you're not alone, help you find hope, and offer next steps for overcoming your eating issues and body image concerns.

Led by Isabelle Bouchard, dietitian and owner of Bamboo Nutrition. This study is for young women ages 13-17 who will receive the Finding Freedom workbook: a guided journey through the Scriptures, complete with questions for deeper reflection. The cost for the 8-week study is $80, materials included. Contact here to find out when the next group is.