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If you plant a Chinese bamboo seed, it will sit in the ground for five years and appear to not be making any changes.  Then, over a six-week period, it will grow 90 feet.  So, how long does it take bamboo to grow?  5 years or 6 weeks?  My answer is 5 years.  Change in us happens much the same way.  We take in information.  Mull the information over in our heads.  Try out a few new behaviors, choices, or responses.  Start putting new routines in place.  And, to the outside observer, not a lot seems to be changing.  Then, suddenly, the pieces fall into place.  New, positive choices and behaviors are suddenly easier and more consistent.  Outside observers start to notice changes but none of these changes are possible without the previous, unnoticed work.  We must lay the foundation to allow for change.

~Timothy D. Stein

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Bamboo Nutrition was created to remind others that change takes time.

A lot happens underneath the surface that is easy to overlook. With the story of bamboo and how long it takes to grow, I want to remind my clients that any change takes time. If obvious changes are not seen externally, it does not mean that large changes are not taking place internally.

Everyone’s journey looks different. Planting one seed does not always grow the same flower.


I am here to help you nourish your body so that you can focus on living life.

There are many ways that nutrition can become a burden in your life. As your dietitian I am not here to make the choices for you, but to make them easier.

I am not here to judge, deceive, or control you. I am here to assist, comfort, and guide you. 

Being able to trust that your body knows what it needs will help not only give you the confidence that what you're doing is enough, but also the freedom to focus on more important things in life.

We will work to reduce the burden that nutrition may have on you, and instead create a positive relationship with food so that you can trust your body and focus on other more important things. 

Together we will work to strengthen your relationship with food in a way that remains positive for the rest of your life.


Meet Isabelle

As a dietitian Isabelle has the opportunity to help individuals on their nutrition journey. Her passion lies in helping those learn to eat intuitively without allowing external factors dictate their eating habits. Isabelle also practices Health at Every Size®.

Isabelle’s clientele consists of those with eating disorders, disordered eating behaviors, or individuals trapped in the revolving door of dieting and are wanting to escape the pattern.

Her background is in eating disorders, all ages. She has experience in outpatient and PHP/IOP levels of treatment, as well as Children’s Mercy Outpatient Eating Disorder clinic.

Isabelle’s goal is to help all of her clients refute diet culture and societal standards of weight and appearance, and learn how to best fuel their body for whatever challenges may come their way. She is happy to serve those in Columbia, MO and nearby towns or from longer distances using telehealth (video chat).

Meet Peanut

Peanut is a dedicated servant who loves to make new friends. As a goldendoodle, she is hypoallergenic and hopes she wouldn’t cause anyone to sneeze or get the sniffles! Peanut offers a calm presence to the office and serves as that extra hand of support if you’re having a tough day.

Peanut is not always in the office due to her busy schedule, but when she is available she loves to curl up next to you on the couch, at your feet, or wherever you want her to be! She understands if you need some time to warm up to her, she is very patient and won’t pressure you one bit! Peanut loves kids and adults of all ages. Her favorite hobbies include going on long walks in nature, stealing socks, and eating snow.