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Nutrition is much more than the food on your plate. Nutrition is the method behind our cooking, the people we prepare food for, the events and holidays we celebrate together, taste, safety, and satisfaction. Nutrition is a personal experience and looks different for everyone..


Eating Disorder Counseling

Recovery is a one step at-a-time process. I plan to walk with you on your journey to recovery. Everyone's recovery looks different which is why I remain open to new challenges and face them with you. 

While working towards nutrition goals, Isabelle can help you:

  • Trust your Body Again

  • Build Confidence in Preparing Meals and Eating Out, as Well as Confronting Food Fears

  • Feel Comfortable Eating Around Others

  • Replace Negative Eating Habits such as Restriction, Bingeing and Purging with Skills and New Habits

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Child & Adolescent Nutrition

Being a teenager is hard enough. When diet culture gets ahold of your teen this can lead to more pressure and possible disordered eating. If your teen is already worried about their nutrition, it may be a good time to see a non-diet dietitian!

  • Discuss and Refute Diet Culture

  • Stimulant Medication and Nutrition

  • Intuitive Eating for Teens

  • Finding Freedom Group

  • How to Feed my Child Nutritiously Without Causing Harm


Nutrition Counseling

There are always things to learn and improve when it comes to nourishing your body. After all, science is always changing!

  • Grocery Store Tours

  • Explore Supplement Use and Diets

  • Intuitive and Mindful Eating

  • Meal Planning

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